Cats-Only Boarding

With so many people having busy schedules and living in homes or apartments where only small pets are allowed, they’ve discovered the wonders and convenience of having cats as pets. Not only do cats provide companionship, their antics are enjoyable to watch and caring for them is relatively simple. However, cat owners are increasingly faced with trying to decide what type of arrangements to make for their cat’s care when they have to travel. Cat boarding offers specific advantages that you may wish to consider. (Sorry, we do not board outdoor cats or cats that do not use a litter box.)

What is the best pet care option for my cat?

Cats do not usually travel well. They tend to stress when they are constantly being moved from location to location. Neighbors often make good caregivers, but they don’t always have your cat’s best interest at heart and they may not care for having to administer medications. A professional pet sitting service is a great option that many people use these days. An option that many cat owners are unfamiliar with is CATS-ONLY BOARDING. Boarding your cat in a facility that also boards dogs can spur anxiety. A boarding facility specifically for cats is a better option, as your cat will soon become accustomed to the place and the people, in a more tranquil setting.

How do I choose a cats-only boarding facility for my cat?

Cat-specific boarding is somewhat new to Arkansas. There are only a few facilities that offer such a service, whereas dog boarding and mixed boarding facilities abound. When inquiring about a feline-only boarding facility, be sure to ask questions such as:

  • Are my cat’s toys and bedding welcome?
  • What type of diet will be provided (or may I bring my cat’s special food)?
  • What size are the enclosures for cats?
  • Can two or more of my cats be housed together?
  • How are the enclosures furnished? (Some are quite sterile, others are cozy.)
  • Does the facility administer medications? Is there a fee for doing so?
  • Are unaltered cats allowed?
  • What type of vaccinations must my cat have had?
  • Does the facility carry liability insurance?
  • How frequently are the litter boxes and enclosures cleaned?

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