When you check-in your cat for the first time, it may take between 10-20 minutes, so please allow enough time for this. Your cat must be in a carrier. Be sure to bring things your cat may want: bed, blanket, favorite toys (up to 3), medication & instructions, food (if you desire), litter (if you are particular).

Boarding More Than One Cat

If you’re considering boarding as a pet care option, and you have more than one cat, we recommend that you board them together, unless they do not get along. If you’ve taken one of your cats to the vet and then returned home to find that your other cats are showing displeasure at his/her presence, it’s because your cat no longer smells the same to the rest of your cats. If you board social cats separately, they may not immediately “recognize” each other when they are reunited. To avoid this situation, ask to have your cats boarded in a single suite. Or, if a single suite isn’t large enough, ask to have the expansion door opened to an adjacent suite, so that your cats will have ample room to roam in. This will allow them to stay in contact with each other, so that you do not have to endure the hissing and yowling that can result from reunions.


Your cat’s health is of utmost importance to us. We require all boarders to have current immunizations and we will need to keep a copy of them on record. Thankfully, science and technology has advanced considerably over the years, and airborne viruses are not as big an issue for immunized cats these days. Most cat diseases can be prevented with vaccinations, so we encourage you to have your cat vaccinated regularly. You may wish to discuss your cat’s immunization record with your vet before boarding, and discuss any concerns you may have regarding feline illnesses. Because we make a concerted effort to keep your cat and all of the other cats in our care healthy, we ask that you ensure that your cat is not exposed to any unimmunized cats in the weeks before boarding. This will assist us in preventing any contagious diseases to affect the cats in our care.


Most pets, regardless of type, feel stress when they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Stress can affect a cat’s immune system, their eating and even their digestion. We do everything in our power to make your cat comfortable while in our care. Know that the more frequently your cat boards, the more familiar he/she will become with the facility and with us. This helps to relieve the stress your cat may have felt initially.


Cats are fed twice a day, morning and evening, unless otherwise instructed. We advise you to provide your cat’s food, so as not to upset your cat’s digestive system. However, if you should forget to bring food, we will feed a premium dry food or canned food. We also offer home-cooked chicken and fish meals, as well as premium treats. Inquire for cost.


We use a good quality scoop-able litter. Litter boxes are cleaned 1-2 times a day, as needed. Litter boxes are cleaned and disinfected between use. If you prefer that your cat use a special type of litter, please feel free to bring your own. Since our litter box furniture will only accommodate a particular size litter box, please do not bring a litter box.

Boarding Requirements/Policies

Please note the following, which are required of ALL cats boarded:
  • Cats must be in carriers when dropped off and picked up.
  • Cats must be spayed or neutered (unless underage).*
  • Current rabies and FVRCP (or FeLV and RCCP) vaccination records (unless underage).*
  • Cats must be on a regular flea/tick treatment regimen. (Capstar given if necessary—fee.)
  • HOURS: 9am-5pm, Mon-Sat (CLOSED SUNDAYS), by appointment only.
  • Only oral medications administered.
  • Non-refundable registration fee.
  • Payment for boarding due prior to check-in. (Add-on days must be paid at check-out.)
  • NOT open for check-in or check-out on holidays. (Minimum 2 day booking for holidays.)
*Kittens may be boarded with a current certificate of health from your veterinarian.


To check-out, you must have an appointment. If you’ve not already made an appointment for check-out, or if you’ve returned from your trip early, please call to make an appointment BEFORE stopping by. Any unpaid fees for boarding or a-la-carte services that haven’t already been paid will be due at check-out. Be sure to ask for all of your kitty’s belongings!

Taking your cat home

You’ve picked up your cat and now you’re home. Be sure to give your kitty some time to regale you with stories of his/her “vacation”. Give your cat lots of praise and affection and tell your cat how much he/she was missed. Your cat may need a short period of re-adjustment to feel “at home” again.

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