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What to expect when boarding at Angel Cats Resort

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Angel Cats Resort is a subsidiary of Angel Pet Sitters, which has been in business since 2000. As such, we have ample experience in caring for your feline friend! We know to watch for urinary problems, a warning sign that deserves attention. Often, this can more easily be detected in the boarding facility than at home, since the cat is closely supervised. We strive to provide activity for your cat, so that he/she isn’t bored all day. Cats in our care have climbing shelves, comfy cushions, and toys in each enclosure. Doors to the enclosures are glass, so that the cats can look out at the staff and other cats. (We will eventually have kitty windows with a view to the outdoors.) There is a central play area for cats to use when their enclosure is being cleaned and during their playtime. (Cats are let out to the central play area at least once a day.) We provide one-on-one attention for your cat during playtime, but please understand our limitations. We want to be sure to give ALL of the cats in our care personal attention, and we want to maintain a secure, healthy environment, as well.

Boarding staff is on-site. Angel Cats Resort is a home-based, family run business.

Suite Amenities

The suites at Angel Cats Resorts are far and away the best in the area. They vary in size from 2’x3’x7’ to 3’x4’x7’ (and we will be building larger suites in the near future). All suites include the following STANDARD amenities:

  • Framed glass doors.
  • Ventilation and climate-control.
  • Hidden litter boxes.
  • Climbing shelves and/or cat towers.
  • Cat toys.
  • Comfy cushions/beds.
  • Themed décor.
  • Use of central play area.
  • Calming music throughout the day.
  • Daily text or e-mail updates and photos.

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