Cats-Only Boarding Rates

Rates for suites at Angel Cats Resort are all-inclusive. No extra charge for oral medications, administering special diets, brushing, or playtime. Sorry, we do not care for diabetic cats or cats with serious medical conditions.

Because of the nature of our type of boarding, we cannot accept outdoor cats or cats with urinary issues.

We offer suites ranging in sizes from 2’x3’x7’ to 3’x3.5’x7’ sizes.

Rates will vary according to number of cats. The larger suites are suitable for more than one cat, or we have the option of giving cats access to adjacent suites to provide more room for multi-cat families.

Please call, text, or e-mail for rates and allow 24 hours for quote. For new clients, we need 7 days notice to arrange for boarding. For established clients, we may be able to arrange for boarding with a little less notice, but can't guarantee availability if boarding is booked with less than 7 days notice.

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