Why Board My Cat

Consider the Facts

Cats behave differently in unfamiliar environments than dogs do, since they are not as social. Most cats prefer solitude. As such, cats tend to “withdraw” when introduced to new surroundings, seeking out a secluded area that affords them a sense of security. Enclosed suites provide the sense of security that cats find comfort in. At Angel Cat Resort, your cat will not be in a cage, but in a comfortable, private suite.

Arriving at the boarding facility, your cat may be somewhat anxious—this is to be expected. When introduced to the suite, your cat may attempt to find a place to hide. (We provide places for your cat to retire to if he/she is feeling overwhelmed. In time, your cat will come out to investigate the surroundings.) We will never force your cat to be social if your cat is not comfortable doing so. We will allow your cat to come to us at his/her own pace.

We provide a central play area for your cat to enjoy if he/she chooses to do so. However, some cats may find it difficult to leave the comfort of their suite. We don’t “push”. They can come out to sit in front of the window, climb a cat tower, play with toys, or just roll around on the floor… that is up to them. Of course, if your cat is looking for affection, we are more than happy to share a cuddle, rub a chin, and offer comforting words!

Cat boarding is ideal for the individual who is reluctant to allow someone into their home to care for their cat. We provide superior pet sitting services, but we know that some people are uncomfortable with allowing someone they are unfamiliar with into their home. There are also times when a cat shouldn’t be left to his/her own devices, as some cats are overly mischievous! We offer cat boarding for these instances.

If you wish to bring your cat’s bed, favorite toys, or even his/her food and litter, you are welcome to do so. These things will help your cat to feel more at home. If you’d like to check in on your kitty from time to time, we will soon have webcams for you to use so that you can see how your fur-kid is faring.

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